Win a free Evo 4G from Android Central! [contest]

You didn't think we'd let the Sprint Evo 4G launch without giving one away, did you? Here's what you have to do to win the biggest, baddest Android smartphone from the biggest, baddest Android blog:

Just reply to this thread in our forums and tell us what feature you're most excited about in the Evo 4G. Maybe it's the massive 4.3-inch screen. Maybe it's the full 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Maybe it's the 4G WiMax data speeds. Or the 8-device WiFi hotspot capability. Or the HDMI-out. Or the two-way video chat. Or the simultaneous voice and date. Or its ability to overthrow small nations (roaming charges may apply).

Tell us here, and we'll pick a winner on June 1 -- the Evo 4G will be available June 4 -- and we'll make you the coolest kid on your block. Good luck!

Win a Sprint Evo 4G from Android Central

Phil Nickinson