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Our pals at have had a tough day. Their beloved PlayBook tablet — you know, the only BlackBerry Tablet in existence — won't be upgraded to BB10. Not exactly a shock, especially to those of us who are used to seeing 2-year-old devices be put out to pasture with even less fanfare. At least these guys got a warning.

Anyhoo. CB's giving away a tablet — anything other than a PlayBook, we s'pose — with a contest running through the end of July 1. Seeing as how so many of you fine Android Central readers jumped ship way back when (and we know who you are), might as well lend a hand here.

Good luck!

Phil Nickinson
  • Eh.
  • Would love very much to win this BB.
  • how do i win
  • That's okay. They'll probably come out with a new tablet that runs BB10 anyway. I didn't read their reasoning, but maybe the hardware wasn't good enough, or they didn't want to waste their resources and time on an old device from the RIMM days. It's simply time to move forward with Thorstein at the reigns. Thank god Mike Lizzardidddisisis has been removed.
  • just get a bb10 theme for android and install that on a tablet...
  • just get a bb10 theme for android and install that on a tablet...
  • Wasn't it obvious....????
    That u can't have bb10 on playbook....
    The hardware just wasn't enough....
    I am currently owner of a Samsung omnia w ( two year old wp7.5 mango device )
    And unable to install any major update of wp8...
    Due to a sucky 1.4 ghz single core processor...
    (wp8 requires multi core )
    Same difference is between bb10 and playbook
  • The playbook was the first device running QNX OS; which is the base of BB10.
    It's more than capable to get majority of BB10 functionality!
  • Your processor speed has nothing to do with why you can't run WP8. Posted via Android Central App
  • Also I'd love to win a tablet which runs on the king of all os i.e. Android....
    And that too in a giveaway associated with a site i love the most.... <3
  • I loved the video they made. Gave me a cheap laugh that I much needed today because I'll be honest, a bad day at work made me wanna go all Office Space on some equipment, and well, that video fit the bill.
  • It may because I'm currently irresponsible due to inebriation but that video was hilarious. RIP BB-PB
  • Sometimes you sound like my boss, I don't like that.
  • I will never win.
  • Seeing as I have never owned any kind of tablet I wouldn't mind trying it out. Thanks for the opportunity.
  • count me in please!
  • I am in need of a new paperweight since my Lumia 920 is getting lonely holding down my mail. Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App
  • i hate everything they do but that was a funny video.
  • " Seeing as how so many of you fine Android Central readers jumped ship way back when (and we know who you are)"... Yeah when I linked my accounts a little while ago, I was like hey there are all my crackberry posts! lol.. I totally resemble this remark.
  • Does it count as jumping ship if you play with 4 devices on all 4 major platforms? ;)
  • I hope Black Berry can stay in the game, I also hope Microsoft can stay in the game. I don't want the Smartphone wars to just be Android vs iPhone. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hm, glad I unloaded mine on eBay before this announcement! I didn't get a lot for it, but it paid for more than half of my Hisense Sero Pro...on which I can do All The Things.
  • Thanks for this contest AndroidCentral and Crackberry. I've never owned a Blackberry products and if I won, this would be a learning experience for a newbie to this OS.
  • Why in two years hasn't RIM come up with a successor? No wonder they suck. Posted via Android Central App
  • A tablet from AC would sure be cool!
  • Any tablet is a good tablet! Sad that BB is leaving the Playbook behind, but I've always been curious about the Surface! Maybe today is my lucky day!!!
  • For what purpose they break a tablet?! It's still a money okay?? Posted via Android Central App
  • @Phil Nickinson Thanks a lot for the invitation.
  • I forgot Playbooks even existed.. Posted via Android Central App
  • I bet they can't even give that thing away. Pretty sad really. I think RIM has already lost the war and doesn't even know it yet. Posted using the amazing Razr MaxxHD by Motorola.
  • Tell that to the CrackBerry members. They are still in denial. They have a very bind loyalty to that brand. Posted from my Nexus 4 via Android Central App
  • WebOS was supposed to be the next big thing and it was killed by mismanagement. I'd like to have it for history sake.