Will you miss Motion Sense on the Pixel 5?

Motion Sense on the Pixel 4
Motion Sense on the Pixel 4 (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

We're still a ways off from the Pixel 5 being announced, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from already leaking juicy details about the phone. Most recently, it was reported that the Pixel 5 may ditch the Motion Sense gestures introduced on the Pixel 4.

In case you forgot, Motion Sense allows you to control certain aspects of the Pixel 4 by waving your hand over it — such as snoozing an alarm, dismissing a phone call, or controlling your music playback. It's an interesting idea and backed by impressive radar technology, but the execution of the whole thing has left a lot to be desired.

Some of our AC forum members shared their thoughts about a Motion Sense-less Pixel 5, saying:

Makes sense to me, no pun intended

Mike Dee

Hahaha Yeah, I'd have to completely agree though. I mean I know pixels have never had gimmicky features in the past, but with the soli radar chip I think it wreak havoc on more pixel buyers and pixel sales and anything else unfortunately


I see what you did there... And I also think I'm okay with that feature being absent in the Pixel 5 line. I'm excited to hear more about it!


They should of did more with this , but if it goes not a problem.


What say you? Will you miss Motion Sense on the Pixel 5?

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  • Hahahaha, good one.
  • Lol. No. I tried using it and never found a reliable use.
  • I would if I was upgrading my Pixel 4XL, but I am not.
  • I thought I would use it way more than I am. I also thought it would allow more features than it does. I think in trying to make it small enough to fit in the top of the phone they stopped it from being able to do more exciting things. I won't miss it.
  • I will cause I actually use it everyday to change tracks on Spotify. It's faster then waking up the phone then pressing next. I do wish there was more functionality though like volume control would be nice. Maybe a gesture for liking a song as well like making a heart shape figure with your hands haha. ♥️