Best answer: No. The Pixel 3a is very similar to the design of the Pixel 3, but because of some design upgrades including a slightly bigger battery, slightly larger screen, and the return of the headphone jack, the Pixel 3a is just different enough that Pixel 3 cases won't quite fit.

A brand new phone means brand new cases

In many ways, the Pixel 3a is nearly identical in design to the Pixel 3, but it's just different enough that a Pixel 3 case just won't work. The dimensions of the Pixel 3a are slightly taller and thicker than its predecessor, meaning Pixel 3 cases just won't fit — and even if you do squeeze the Pixel 3a into a Pixel 3 case, the volume and power buttons won't line up with the cutouts.

The added thickness is likely due to the slightly larger battery — now an even 3000mAh capacity, up from 2915mAh. The rest of the frame is slightly taller and narrower than the older Pixel 3 to accommodate the slightly taller 18.5:9 screen and the downward facing bottom speaker.

More critically, the Pixel 3a reintroduces the headphone jack which would mean that any Pixel 3 case would cover that right up — and we wouldn't want to do that, would we?

Best Value

Google Pixel 3a

Google's budget smartphone offers a great deal

The Google Pixel 3a is almost a return to form for fans of the Nexus line. Most of what you love about the Google Pixel 3 specs are here, including that outstanding camera and clean Android software, along with the return of a headphone jack and cool discount price.

Slim and rugged

Spigen Rugged Armor

What makes the Spigen Rugged Armor stand out over the competition, in my opinion, is the supreme combination of ruggedness and a sleek design. This is a one-piece case that offers solid protection in the corners without adding much bulk to the phone.

Best clear case

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen's Liquid Crystal series is a top recommendation for any phone because it delivers a minimalist design that still offers great protection. It's the perfect pick for anyone who loves to show off their new phone but still needs to keep it safe.

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