Whole host of HTC One Series accessories up for pre-order in the UK

We've already had a look at some of the accessories coming with the new HTC One Series, including this sweet car dock, at MWC. Thankfully -- and unlike Samsung -- HTC are bringing a whole variety to market around the time the devices launch. British retailer Clove Technology will be stocking the range, and have put them up for pre-order on their website.

We won't list them all, needless to say there's plenty. Some such as the Media Link are universal. Each different phone has its own car dock, and a range of cases. The One X and One S are both getting a hard case with a built in stand that will set you back £19.99. There's also a desktop cradle with speakers for the One X that'll run you for £54.99

The car docks are where it's at though, as our hands on with the One X variant in Barcelona showed. That particular item is going for £44.99, which is the same price as the One S and One V car docks. 

Clove are claiming mid to late April on the whole range. Hit the source link below for the full list. 

Source: Clove Technology

Richard Devine