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This is the white Nexus 4

Just hours after we got our first look at the LG Nexus 4 in white, we have an even clearer look at the new color option for the device. These latest pics come from Vietnamese site Tinh tế, and show the white Nexus from a variety of angles. As with earlier white Nexus phones, only the back part changes color, with the front face remaining pitch black.

At the right angle it's possible to make our the "crystal reflection process" (sparkly) back, just as on the black model. And the camera and lens trim are reflective, in contrast to the black trims on the original. So from a design perspective, it's the same old Nexus 4 we know and love.

There's no indication as to when -- or even if -- the white Nexus 4 will be due for public release, but we're sure it'll sell out just as fast as the current model if it ever does. We'll keep you posted with any further details that emerge. In the meantime you'll find more pics after the break, and at the source link.

Source: Tinh tế, via: SlashGear

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • These guys have some 'serious' links. They have been the first to leak quite a few devices.
  • Oooo! Pretty!
  • I like that lock screen ...
  • That looks like Go Locker. It's a free lockscreen replacement app with tons of themes and styles. I tried it for a while, but it seemed a little too slow. Sure does look nice, though.
  • What's the use of a white phone/back if it looks like a black phone when viewing the screen?
  • I dunno, but it sure is purtty!!
  • fair enough.. lol
  • Just pulling this out of my behind, but I think its to keep the front looking uniform and clean. One of the things I liked about the Galaxy Nexus was that the screen seamlessly blended together with the bezel. It would be difficult to have that same effect with a white front.
  • That's what I like about the design of the GNex. The entire front is just a black obelisk of awesome, and with the amoled screen, black backgrounds look glorious.
  • Agreed, the Nexus 4 kept that quality, except since the screen is LCD, it's not as nice as on the Gnex, but still close enough.
  • my sentiments exactly! at least have the top and bottom bands around the screen white also. i think that just spoils it for me.
  • I find it extremely distracting when you're trying to watch something on your phone and there's a garish white border glowing around the screen. There's a good reason white TVs never became popular.
  • Exactly, although for some reason, I do like the white border when doing things like web browsing. For video and games, though, it's awful.
  • Mainly due to the light leaks that white causes on the fronts of devices, so why would you even want white around the LCD as opposed to black? The white back with the sparkly pattern looks freakin awesome, will definitely catch some attention in a bumper case.
  • Exactly! That's pretty much a black phone with a black battery cover. Nothin special here
  • The black front gives a better experience for watching movies/videos in keeping with a more traditional cinema style experience. Whether there is benefit to that on a small phone is matter of opinion of course, but that's generally the reasoning behind it.
  • Well for one scratches are much less visible on white than black!
  • Its to draw your focus to the screen/image and not the boarder. Especially with the black button bar at the bottom, which isn't such an issue with Motorola devices since they use some trick to make that bar transparent. Essentially the button bar and the notification bar blend into the black of the front of the phone making a better 'feel'.
  • it should be white on the front and back just like the iGarbage
  • I like the pie in the background...
  • Is that Tiramisu? ... mmmmmmmm.... I want Tiramisu.
  • I don't think that's Tiramisu.
    It's just some usual cake.
  • 75% more gorgeous - 0% more available
  • Exactly. It looks like a dog turd turned white in the yard. Unless its got cdma inside..
  • Is this plastic on the sides?
  • They saved it with the 2-tone. Still looks like a chick phone to me though.
  • Please define what a chick phone looks like for me, I'm failing to understand how a phone could have a defined gender target outside of purse bangles *HTC Rhyme* and other devices like it.
  • Just personal opinion dude. It is white and has glittery sparkles all over the back of it it. Looks like goddamn nail polish.
  • I'm with ya Illustrator Joe... A "chick phone" is one that tries to appeal to the typical aesthetic values generally held by the female gender. Stereotypical colors like white, yellow, pink... like the colors that you might see on volkswagen convertible bugs, with their built in flower holders in the dashboard. Go take a walk through a department store. Look at items that might sized specifically for men and women, and notice the color options for those items. You will see trends emerging. This gender targeting of products in very common. I got a great deal on a pair of screwdrivers one time. They've got lovely pink handles. I picked them out of close-out bin at the hardware store for like 99 cents. The packaging specifically said they were a Ladies set of screwdrivers. I was on the run and needed them in a pinch and away from home. I've had them for years, and they really aren't that bad. Truly a great value for 99 cents. Didn't bother me a bit that I chose to buy those Ladies screwdrivers. Don't let it bother you if you're a dude and want a white sparkly phone. More power to ya. There is nothing wrong with that.
  • +1
  • Meh. All that I care about is the software. :)
  • The thing is, if you put this in a case you'd never even know it's white.
  • Thing is, Google sells a bumper case that shows off the front and the back of the device, you'll most certainly know it's white.
  • Thing is, good luck getting a bumper. Though for that matter, good luck getting the phone too.
  • I was thinking in that, Sir Tyrion, but then I realized that with a white back plate, scratches might be really hard to notice. So if you take care, you can live with out a case.
  • I highly doubt if someone goes through the trouble to spread these pictures around or post them that this phone would just appear at one event. To me, it's obvious this color would ship at sometime or another. AC wouldn't post the pic either just for eye candy. As far as the color itself, it'd look great with my Tarheel blue and grey poetic bumper. The color would hide scratches too. I have flip cases too that are baby blue, but wouldn't show the back at all. Was waiting til next week to hopefully order a Nexus anyway so I hope some more info comes out about this particular color. Who knows? Might just be for just one special event as speculated anyway...
  • They did the exact same thing with the Nexus7. White was given to Google I/O attendees, yet here we are 6 months later and they haven't made any available to the general public. I think it sounds pretty likely that they'll just give these away at Google I/O and that'll be the end of it.
  • Gawd darnit this better not be a limited run color like the last two, better be available when I go to buy a Nexus 4.
  • Maybe it's just me but I don't like the look of a white back and black front. Looks odd.
  • That looks really good, too bad the front is black. If it were completely white, I definitely would have got this. Still might... but now I'm leaning toward the black model for its consistency. Hope when they come out T-Mo will get one in their store so we can compare them in person.
  • only overly many man could pull this off, white glittery back and all. perfect phone for the hello kitty aficionados out there though ;)
  • I hate interracial phones. Either make it all black or all white.
  • I like it,but im completely happy with my black n4
  • I like it,but im completely happy with my black n4
  • Looks great! Already have the black N4, but might just have to get the white one too. :D
  • I think it should be all one color front & back.
  • An all white phone (front) would be hideous. The bezels would be WAY too obvious, plus the notification light would be obscured a bit (just harder to see, IMO) I may have to purchase one in white as well. I never got my hands on the white casing for the Galaxy Nexus and this would be the next best thing, so we'll see. Methinks this is a Google I/O thing only though ;-)
    *White nexus 7 anyone?
  • After owning the SIII as my first white phone, I think it will be my last. It's not that I don't like it but there are times that I wish i'd gone with the Pebble Blue.
  • Doesn't look all that good, especially from the sides and the back looks somewhat feminine IMO...
  • Gimme 32GB and I'll buy it in Baby$h|t brown
  • Just a back white? Well that isn't that good. Still rather have the black
  • This is much like a white unicorn. Rare and faaaaaaabulous!
  • A little bit of my dies every time I think that this phone isn't available on VZW. I loves me my gnex but I sure would like to get in on this action.
  • Not a fan of the "panda" look
  • nope!.... it looks more gray then white :)
  • If youre going to make a white phone and put a black front on it its not really a white phone and it looks like shit. They couldnt inject more white plastic in molds to make the front? I would think that would be the easiest part.
  • In addition to the color change, what is different?
  • This white nexus 4 really is a thing, the other day I went to Carphone Warehouse with my friend to get him a nexus 4 and they showed us a white one but said that there not in stock yet, now i really want to get one =D
  • They must've had too many complaints of how difficult it was to have clear fingerprints and smudges on the back. Problem solved: a white back that shows schmutz like a black phone never would. What will those crafty Asians think of next? ,:\