Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

Choosing the right phone for your lifestyle can be difficult at times. Perhaps you want a great camera, but you're afraid of breaking your phone. Or you fall in love with the design of a specific phone, but you aren't quite so sure that the specs will get you through the day. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has got plenty of options and specs to make your turn your head.

That's why we want to know if the S7 has stolen your heart, and if it has, which one? In this week's poll we're asking which Samsung Galaxy S7 is your favorite. There are five options this week: "Samsung galaxy S7", "Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge", "Samsung Galaxy S7 Active", "I can't decide" or "I'm not a fan of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Series."

Do you love the S7? Are you not quite impressed? Let us know by leaving a comment below!