Where is YouTube TV available?

YouTube TV is Google's attempt at tackling the Internet-based live TV streaming market, and it's changed a lot since it first debuted back in April 2017. YouTube TV used to only be available in select markets across the U.S., but that's now changed.

Here's what you need to know!

What countries can access YouTube TV?

For the time being, only users in the U.S. will be able to take advantage of YouTube TV. It's unclear if Google will ever expand YouTube TV to other countries, but right now, it's a U.S.-only thing.

What are the currently covered areas for YouTube TV?

When YouTube TV first launched, you could only sign up for it in certain parts of the country. Google's been expanding YouTube TV to more and more markets over the years, and on January 23, 2019, YouTube TV officially went nationwide.

It took a couple of months for Google to get the service up and running in every single market throughout the U.S., but on March 28, 2019, YouTube TV's Twitter account said, "We can now officially say that YouTube TV is available in every television market in the U.S."

YouTubeTV offers both national and local channels, meaning you can catch up on your local news and sports in addition to the biggest shows on the biggest networks.

What channels are available on YouTube TV?


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Joe Maring

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