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Where to find rare resources and exotic elements in No Man's Sky

Resources, elements, and minerals are the backbone of nearly everything you do in No Man's Sky. Whether you play the game as a simple farmer, an explorer, or even a wannabe space warlord, resources will fuel your endeavors. The rarer the resource, the more valuable it will be to you on your journey.

Rare resources

While you're out in space in your starship, analyze planets to see which resources they have. If you are unsure which color sun your system has, pull up the galaxy map.

  • Activated Cadmium: Found on planets orbiting red stars. Mined with Terrain Manipulator.
  • Activated Copper: Found on planets orbiting yellow stars. Mined with Terrain Manipulator.
  • Activated Emeril: Found on planets orbiting green stars. Mined with Terrain Manipulator.
  • Activated Indium: Found on planets orbiting blue stars. Mined with Terrain Manipulator.
  • Chlorine: Harvested from organic rocks and salt-infused minerals on oceans. Mined with Mining Beam.
  • Ionized Cobalt: Found in large blue crystal minerals. Mined with Advanced Mining Laser.
  • Pugneum: Found on destroyed sentinels.

Other elements like Chromatic Metal can be refined in a processor using different minerals. This is your primary method of acquiring non-naturally occurring resources. These types of resources will yield higher values at trade markets.

Exotic elements

These can be found in crystals in caves, but the best way to get them is by mining asteroids out in space. Platinum and Gold in particular can be found more commonly in large crystal asteroids.

  • Gold: Mined from asteroids or minerals in caves.
  • Platinum: Mined from asteroids or minerals in caves.
  • Silver: Mined from asteroids or minerals in caves.
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