Xperia X

Sony's back this year with a fresh take on what a modern Android phone should be. The Xperia X draws a line under the past several years of Z-series phones, with a refreshed metal design, leaner internals and a familiar camera setup. There's a lot to like, assuming you can find a price point that makes sense for you.

Fortunately we've done some of the legwork for you, digging through the major UK mobile networks and retailers to round up the best places to snap up an Xperia X. Read on.

Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is selling the Xperia X in black, white, gold and rose gold, with the gold model being exclusive to the retailer. It's available through Carphone on contracts with EE, O2, Vodafone and its own iD network, with prices starting at £19.99 per month (though that's with a hefty £199.99 upfront fee.) The cheapest monthly price for a free Xperia X is on a £31 per month, 1GB plan with EE. For the data-hungry, a 24GB plan on Vodafone is on offer for £52 per month with no upfront fee.

It's also available SIM-free for £469.99.

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EE has the Sony Xperia X available in black and rose gold. Prices start at £30.99 per month for a plan with 2GB of data. At the top end, you can grab Xperia X and 20GB of data for £40.99 per month and £49.99 upfront, or £45.99 per month with nothing to pay upfront. All EE's Xperia X plans include "EE Extra," which includes the network's fastest connectivity and cheaper roaming in Europe.

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Voda has Sony's latest in black and rose gold, wth prices starting at £24 per month (£150 upfront), which gets you 500MB, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. All Vodafone's Xperia X plans come with at least a £10 upfront fee, but the cheapest monthly cost at this level is a 6GB plan for £37 per month — that's along with unlimited calls and texts, and a 500MB inclusive roaming allowance. At the high end, you're looking at £53 per month for 30GB, which comes with unlimited calls and texts and a a 4GB roaming bundle.

Many of Vodafone's higher-priced plans also come with free subscriptions to Spotify, Sky Sports Mobile TV or NowTV.

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O2 offers the Xperia X in black and rose gold, with monthly prices between £29 and £53 per month. At the low end, you can pick up a free Xperia X for £34 per month, with a 500MB data bucket, 500 minutes and unlimited texts. For the data-hungry, O2 offers the Xperia X on its 30GB tariff — for free if you pay £55 per month, or for £50 per month with a hefty £119.99 upfront fee.

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Three has the phone in the two standard colors — black and rose gold — and currently runs an offer where the first six months of your contract are half-price. Prices start at £27 per month (£99 upfront, £13.50 for the first six months) for an Xperia X with 600 minutes and 500MB. The phone is available with Three's "All You Can Eat" unlimited data bundle for £51 per month (£19 upfront, £25.50 initially).

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Amazon UK

Amazon is selling the Xperia X for £411 SIM-free in black, white and rose gold. The retailer is also offering it on contract with O2, with prices starting at £31 per month with no upfront fee.

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BT Mobile

BT is selling the Xperia X in black only, with a discount of £5 off your monthly fee if you're also a BT broadband customer. Prices for BT customers start at £31 per month and £50 upfront for 500MB and 400 minutes, rising to £46 per month and no upfront fee for a 15GB plan and unlimited minutes.

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Picking up a Sony Xperia X? Already taken the plunge? Let us know how you're getting on down in the comments!

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