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Where Art Thou, Ole AT&T 3G Coverage Map?

There’s a map for that? Why yes, yes there is a map, but now there is only one map for all "data coverage", so where did that 3G map go (opens in new tab)? Sorry Luke Wilson, but it appears as though along with many calls, AT&T plans to drop your commercials. The new combined map shows coverage over most of the US, but don't be fooled, the network wasn't upgraded, those with EDGE coverage will still have EDGE. You are still able to click to see the towns that have 3G coverage, it just appears they decided to hide it behind a more full looking map. Sorry AT&T, but it looks like Verizon has defeated you on this one, again.

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  • If you follow the link, in order to see any 3G coverage you have to click on a separate link to see the 3G map.. but it's not the 3G map. From this point you have to select a state, and then a city, and then you get to see the coverage- for that city. Which, for Birmingham, still isn't covered completely. So. Sketch.
  • This is all you need to see: And I am no Verizon fanboy either :) I stick with Sprint because I live on the east coast and coverage is excellent and costs less (not to mention free roaming on Verizon when I am out in the boonies once or twice a year). Still, there is no arguing Verizon's superior 3G coverage compared to the competition.
  • I'm with you! I have Sprint and for all your reason's, I'm not going anywhere as long as Sprint's price is right. I spent a few days in an area in GA that had no Sprint coverage, roamed the entire time and missed no calls plus surfed the web 'til I dropped. LOVE IT!
  • mflava i am on vzw and love it but am considering Sprint due to EVO. Are you saying that I can get the same coverage I am getting now, on Sprint because it will roam on the vzw network I am used to getting on?
  • gcims, This could definitely be the case. I joined Sprint last September when I read news that Sprint was signing roaming agreements with Verizon so they would have coverage almost everywhere. There are still some areas that are "dead spots," but for the price, I am glad I switched to Sprint. I went to Florida for a week in December and there wasn't Sprint coverage in the area where I was staying. Instead, I was roaming on Verizon and I never missed any calls and my browsing experience was about the same speed as I was getting on the Sprint 3G network back home in NY. My cousin recently went to Georgia for a business trip and, like me, didn't have Sprint coverage. He was also roaming on the Verizon network. Although, one thing I do have to point out is, in the future, Sprint and Verizon will have two different versions of 4G. When roaming on Verizon with a Sprint phone, you might just have 3G service. By-the-way, great pick on the phone! I am absolutely excited about the Evo and have already started saving up for it! LOL!
  • I just found this site recently, I'm loving what you guys are doing. This post and the rant about idiots calling phones crippled put it over the top for me. I'm a member now and will be back here every day! That's all, thanks guys.
  • I live in one of only 3 major At&t 3g Heavy zones in the country. (California,FLORIDA,Northeast cluster). No wonder i see an iphone in everyones hand.
  • Zoom in one click and check the 'Show 3G Coverage'... you'll see how little 3G coverage they really have.
  • I just checked T-Mobile's site and they have something similar. Instead of out-right saying what is EDGE and what is 3G, they have three purple colors that represent "Mobile Web", "Fast Mobile Web" and "Very Fast Mobile Web". How am I supposed to know what Fast Mobile Web means? EDIT:
    Nevermind, there is a very small link that says "Click Here for detailed descriptions" that explains what they mean.
  • AT&T's 3G coverage map is still there - just a little hidden. Go to AT&T's coverage viewer and zoom in one level. Then click the check box next to "Show 3G Coverage" in the legend below the map. Their pitiful 3G coverage is displayed in a lovely shade of blue. Be careful not to zoom back out though, or the checkbox and the sparse blue speckles will disappear. Better yet, here's a link to the zoomed in map with the check box already checked.
  • AT&T 3g covergae is horrible , I get better coverage compared to my friends on AT&T with T-Mobile than they do with there Iphones on AT&T , My N1 blows them away !!!!
  • where have you been? They ditched the 3G coverage map when they sued verizon last year .... And yes they have upgraded their network, not as much as they would like one to believe, but we do finally have 3G here after like 3 years... as much as I hate them I have to give them that...
  • In the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area with "3G" coverage, my best friend today lost his 3G coverage. Not only have the so called "improvements" to AT&T's network epically failed, they are trying to pawn off this MicroCell device on their users to make up for their crappy service. Pay $150 for the MicroCell mini-tower, hook it up to your Internet access, & your ISP essentially takes over. So to make up for their bad service, they are double dipping into customers & not taking responsibility for billions of dollars in sorely needed infrastructure improvements. I'm with Sprint & I'm the proud owner of a Samsung Moment. Even with a craptacular phone like the Instinct, I was still able to get consistent & constant 3G voice & 3G EV-DO data connections. I'd have to travel a good 2 hours outside of the Metroplex to start losing bars. Once Sprint perfects 4G & gets an iPhone for the Apple kids, AT&T is going to fall away like a bad habit.
  • I am SO glad I didn't go with ATnT. I'm not sure which is worse their shoddy coverage or their blatant attempt to mislead the public, then SNAP you're locked into a contract before you work with it enough to figure out it won't work. Glad I learned better on the front end before I made my purchase instead of on the back end like the poor souls who buy into these commercials.