When is your Galaxy Note 20 pre-order going to be delivered?

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in-hand
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in-hand (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

The Galaxy Note 20 is coming, and like every year, a lot of fans have already placed their pre-orders ahead of the phone's official launch. Samsung opened pre-orders for both the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra right after its big Unpacked event, and as we get closer and closer to the August 21 release date, early adopters are getting a better idea as to when their shiny new phone will be delivered.

Some of our AC forum members recently took to sharing their estimated delivery dates for their Note 20 pre-order, with some of those dates including the following:

I will start first: I ordered everything on the day the pre-order was released. I got a 128gb Mystic Copper Note Ultra. I got the Live buds in Mystic Copper as well and the Wireless Battery Pack. Originally my dates were: 1. Phone: August 21st 2. Battery: August 26th 3. Live Buds: August 24th A couple of days ago, the buds jumped to August 18th and then today went to the 25th. Now it...


My note 20 ultra unlocked version has a ship by date of : August 19th 2020 and a delivery date of august 21st.


Mystic Bronze 128GB from Verizon. Deliver by date: 8/21. From previous experiences, phone has always came at least 1 day before released date.


Ordered on the 5th, Verizon showing delivery by the 21st. I ordered the 512 ultra, so I'm content with that seeing Samsung is showing September 11th for unlocked version, the Verizon version is just showing substituting the unlocked. This is why I got out of bed and ordered when pre-order went live.


What about you? When is your Galaxy Note 20 pre-order going to be delivered?

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