What's your favorite camera app interface?

Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 5 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Camera quality is a big talking point when any new phone comes out. We're eager to see how its photos look, how crispy the video is, and compare it to all of the competition that's out there. Something that tends to get left out of this conversation, however, is the app you interact with for said camera.

Google's Pixel phones take incredible pictures, but compared to a Samsung or LG phone, its camera app is far less feature-rich. You might prefer that simplicity, but other users would much rather have those added controls.

A few of our AC forum members recently started talking about different camera interfaces, saying:

Many years ago, I reluctantly gave-up my Nokia Windows Phone (because Microsoft gave-up, too) and switched to a Google Pixel. For me, the most important part of a phone is it's camera and both my old Nokia and my Pixel have great cameras. However, the user interface on the Nokia camera app was light-years ahead of Google's Android camera app. While I like it that the Android camera app...


in terms of the Pixel camera, it feels like simple point and shoot is what Google is going for.


Have you tried Camera FV-5 Lite. Almost all cellphone cameras are manually adjustable, so it depends on the app. Google goes for a point-and-shoot approach, but there are apps that go for the SLR feel (shutter or aperture priority) or full manual (defaulting to auto) for shutter, aperture, WB, etc. Read the blurbs in the Play store, try a few that sound good, and pick the one that works best...


This got us to wondering — What's your favorite camera app interface?

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