LIFX's collection of smart lights is one of the easiest ways to start crafting a connected home. It's not just about crazy colors and mood lighting — with the ability to control your lights from your phone or voice assistant, LIFX products are convenient and energy efficient, too. The Color A19 is a great fit for most people, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Everyday bulb: LIFX Color A19

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The Color A19 fits in almost any standing lamp or hanging fixture, making it a simple swap with standard bulbs. It supports millions of colors, gets extremely bright at 1100 lumens, and can be controlled through the LIFX app or your voice assistant.

$45 at Amazon

Floodlight bulb: LIFX Color BR30

The BR30 bulb is functionally identical to the A19, outputting the same 1100 lumens and fitting in most standard lighting fixtures, but the thinner base and wider top cast light more directly, with a narrower 120-degree beam angle.

$45 at Amazon

Downlight bulb: LIFX GU10

The GU10 is LIFX's smallest bulb, named after its bi-pin connector that's typically used in halogen and fluorescent lamps. The GU10 outputs 400 lumens from just 6 watts of power and works well in accent lighting fixtures.

$60 at LIFX

See in the dark: LIFX+

The LIFX+ is identical to the LIFX Color, available in both A19 and BR30 configurations, with the addition of infrared output to improve visibility on night vision cameras. This is the bulb to buy if you want to keep a close eye on your yard late at night.

$60 at Amazon

Small and inexpensive: LIFX Mini Color

The Mini is a smaller, cheaper LIFX bulb that's perfect for desk lamps that the other bulbs can't fit in. It's a bit dimmer at 800 lumens, but it still offers the same range of over 16 million colors and easy wireless controls.

$35 at Amazon

Easy like Sunday morning: LIFX Mini Day & Dusk

The Day & Dusk doesn't change to any crazy colors, but it supports dimming and color temperatures ranging from 1500K to 4000K. You can schedule the bulb to ease you into your mornings by gradually brightening and changing to a warmer white.

$30 at Amazon

Basic smart bulb: LIFX Mini White

If all you're after is a basic bulb that you can turn on and off from your phone, the Mini White is the most affordable smart bulb in LIFX's selection. It outputs 650 lumens and sits at a comfortable 2700K warm white.

$18 at Amazon

Accent lighting is cool, too

Smart bulbs are more practical, but accent lighting is a great way to get more creative with your lighting by giving you the freedom to put interesting shapes almost anywhere on your wall — provided there's an outlet nearby. These products emit a ton of ambient light, often getting even brighter than LIFX's bulbs.

Stylish strip: LIFX Z

The LIFX Z is an LED strip you can adhere along the edges of your desk or TV stand to emit a sleek mood light that, like the bulbs, offers a wide range of colors and controls. You've probably seen lights like these in various sets on vlogging and tech channels!

$90 at Amazon

Accent lighting: LIFX Beam

If you'd rather mount your lights on a wall than in a lamp, the Beam is a collection of foot-long rectangular bars that can display multiple colors simultaneously. They're more than bright enough to light up a room, with a combined 1200 lumens from six Beams.

$130 at Amazon

Square panels: LIFX Tile

Tiles are an artistic way to light up a room, with the ability to display animated gradients through its 64 zones per panel. Each pack includes five Tile, which you can arrange any way you like and easily adhere to the wall with the included 3M strips.

$250 at Amazon

Smart bulbs are fun, easy to use gadgets

Smart bulbs are one of the easiest ways to get into the connected home space. They're simple to set up, don't require too much personal information, and work with most smart assistants. Plus, with millions of colors and configurations to choose from, you can light your home in a way that suits you. Setting up those routines can then help you move onto bigger and more complex smart systems. LIFX is a great brand to check out because there are a lot of bulb options.

There are plenty of great ways to brighten and color your home with LIFX bulbs. The Color A19 is the simplest way to do so — I've been using them around the house for years — but the LIFX+ is an even better option if you have a night vision security camera like a Ring Doorbell or Nest Hello. It emits infrared light that's invisible to the human eye but illuminates cameras as if it were broad daylight.

If you're looking for accent lighting, however, you're going to want to look elsewhere. I'm a big fan of the Tiles, which can be arranged any way you like and have even gained some basic touch controls through software updates for more easily turning them on and off and switching color themes.

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