Moto X with teak finish back

Vertical stripes are slimming, I'm told

When Motorola announced the customizable Moto X on August 1st of last year, they unveiled a series of four wood backs that would be options. Eventually. The phone launched later in August with a full range of color customizations on AT&T, which eventually spread to the other carriers. But what of those elusive backs hewn from natural materials?

Those took months to arrive. The bamboo backs (yes, technically a grass, not wood — it's woodish, so there) finally became an option at the end of January. Phil got a Moto X in white with the bamboo back and he liked it — it worked just as well as the plastic-bodied Moto X that we love and felt awesome. Like… wood. It's got a nice texture (not slick, not tacky, slightly grainy) and is warmer to the touch than any metal or plastic phone in recent memory. And with a price reduction of both the phone and the wood backs, it's affordable too.

Now you can get the ones that actually are wood. The Moto X is available in "ebony finish,  "teak finish", and "walnut finish" — yes, "finish." They're not actually ebony, teak, or walnut, but some other wood that Motorla's not disclosed that's been finished to gain the appearance of that wood. I ordered one with the teak finish (it showed up a day early — score!), and after some close-up macro photography inspection, I've determined that it is in fact wood. Quite the scientific accomplishment, I know.

Anyway, here's what the teak finish Moto X looks like now that it's available. Enjoy.