What podcast app are you using in 2019?

If you're like me, you listen to a lot of podcasts. Whether I'm driving, doing laundry, or cooking up dinner, I love having a good podcast to listen to.

Deciding what series to listen to is a big enough challenge on its own, but just as tough is figuring out what podcast app to use. From Google Podcasts to Pocket Casts, there are a lot of great options on the Play Store.

Here's what our AC forum members are using in 2019.

Google Podcast works ok for me.


Nothing comes close pocketcasts and it's cross platform, syncs podcasts, playing positions etc beautifully across all devices in all platforms.


I use Podkicker. I don't use it on your phone, but it's another one to check reviews and see if it'll work.


I currently prefer Podcast Addict and works great for me on my S10+. I've used pocketcasts, podcast Republic and player FM also in the past - but haven't used on S10+.


What about you? What podcast app are you using in 2019?

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Joe Maring

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