What password manager do you use?

Late last year, I finally came to my senses and started using a password manager. Doing so has made managing all of my online accounts considerably easier, and I often find myself wondering how I survived prior to this.

I thought I was previously in the minority of people that didn't use password managers, so I was somewhat surprised to find out that just 12% of Google accounts actually take advantage of something like 1Password or LastPass.

Some of our forum users got together to talk about which password manager they use following this news, and these are a few of the top answers.

I use LastPass. I pay for the premium ($24 a year). Love it so far. I have used it on my PC via chrome extension, iPhone (when using one), and also on Android via my Pixel 2 XL.


Recommend both Last Pass and Dashlane... Both solid password managers!


I use 1Password. I used it a long while ago then tried LastPass, EnPass and Bitwarden. I recently tried 1Password and remembered how slick and professional it is. Highly recommended.


+1 on LastPass. I use 2FA as much as I can for websites in general and I really like LastPass's 2FA. Anytime I try to access my vault from any of my devices I'm prompted with a login request on my primary cell phone that I have to authenticate via fingerprint/pin first before the login is allowed. My phone is always with me so I feel somewhat secure with this method of verification. This to...


How about you? If you're using a password manager, which one is it and why?

Less than 10% of Google accounts use two-factor authentication

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