What is included in EA Access for PlayStation 4?

Best answer: EA Access includes access to over 50 games from the company's Vault, sans the Xbox exclusives that won't be compatible on the PlayStation 4. On top of this, with an EA Access subscription, you'll be able to test out EA games days before they release.

Everything that comes with EA Access for PlayStation 4

Think of every EA game you've ever played. This includes titles like Titanfall, Mass Effect, FIFA, Need for Speed, Battlefield, and so on. There are plenty of phenomenal titles and that equates to a lot of money to play them all. But, what if you didn't have to purchase each game separately? What if you could pick the games you want and play them when you want to?

Well, that's what EA Access is. Each month EA features over 35 of its own games that you can pick and choose from to play as you wish. What's even cooler is that you also get to test new EA games days before they release. With a subscription to EA Access, you're not only expanding your game library for essentially what's only a rental fee, but you're also giving yourself the opportunity to have bragging rights in your friend's group.

If any of this information changes when EA Access goes live to PlayStation Network we'll be sure to update you here.

How much will EA Access cost?

PlayStation users will pay the same amount for EA Access that Xbox users pay. You can choose to spend $5 for a monthly subscription or $30 for an annual subscription. That means it costs exactly half the price to pay for the annual subscription. Sometimes you may catch a "one-month free trial" offer with the purchase of a new game.

Alternatively, you can purchase your EA Access subscription from Amazon after the service goes live on the PlayStation Network. While the prices are the same as the ones set on the official EA website, there is a chance you'll run into a deal on Amazon for a cheaper price.

The 1-month subscription and 1-year subscription are available on the PlayStation Store.

Using gift cards on the PlayStation Network prevents you from having to share your bank or PayPal information on your PS Network account. A $10 gift card is enough to pay for two months on the monthly fee plan, but you can opt into a $50 gift card to purchase the $30 annual subscription and have $20 left over for whatever your heart desires.

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