Shardlands for Android

Inherit telekinesis, get zapped into another dimension, and grab some energy orbs while you're there. 

Shardlands found its way into the Play Store this week, and I've having a ton of fun taking it in. This is a beautifully-rendered puzzle game where players have to navigate an otherworldly maze using telekinetic powers and guile. The goal of each stage is to collect every energy orb peppered throughout. Players can drag platforms with various properties and sizes to bridge gaps, though this can be tricky while you're avoiding brutish alien monsters, incinerating lasers, and other hazards. Controls are straightforward, with single taps used to move or squash simple enemies, double-taps to sprint, and swipes to move in-game elements about. 

The core mechanics of moving around shaped blocks to help you get from point A to point B aren't new by any means, but usually they're reserved much simpler games. In that sense, rendering these stages in lush 3D is a very nice visual change of pace. New mechanics are introduced regularly and mixed with previous ones for some really interesting puzzles, plus you have a bit of twitch gameplay interspersed when avoiding patrolling bad guys. The soundtrack is altogether ethereal and really sets the mood for exploring an alien landscape. 

There are 25 levels all told, which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of puzzle games, but they're amply challenging, and if you're interested in quality rather than quantity, the $3.99 premium upgrade to get rid of ads and unlock extra levels is totally worth it. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action, or hit the Google Play link above to give the trial a shot.