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What does the Fossil Q Activity Tracker do?

Are Fossil's stylish, new activity trackers are worth it? {.intro}

Small, sleek, and stylish, the Fossil Q looks like a bracelet, and functions like a state of the art fitness tracker. But what exactly does the band do? What are its cool features, and why should you bother spending $125 on one?

Yeah, it's pretty: But what does it do?

When the Q Reveler was released, Fossil asked one question, "Who says you can't have fun and look good while doing it?"

Essentially, Fossil's Q Reveler (designed for men) and Q Dreamer (designed for women) are incredibly stylish fitness trackers that look amazing as a bracelet (if you're too lazy to actually use the darn thing).

The bracelet tracks your activity, filters specific notifications from your smartphone, syncs wirelessly with other devices, and can be customized with Fossil's dozens of unique and stunning strap designs (pick between leather,\ or silicone for when you're working out!). When notifications from your selected friends and apps appear, the bracelet gently vibrates and flashes with custom-colored LED lights.

Why should I buy one?

As stated earlier, there are dozens of fitness trackers to choose from — it all depends on what you're looking for!

If you're a regular exerciser who cares about measuring things like distance, calories burned, etc., then you're in luck; Fossil's activity tracker will monitor your steps throughout the day, the distance you've travelled, and all the calories you've worked off at the gym. However, if you're looking for a fitness tracker that does a bit more than the basics, you'll want to look elsewhere.

The other wonderful thing about Fossil's activity tracker is that it doesn't look like an activity tracker. Depending on the type of band you get, the bracelet resembles modern jewelry from designer brands like Marc Jacobs, with the simplicity of Tiffany's timeless look.

Battery life has also been reported to last up to seven days because of the device's large 27mAh rechargeable battery, meaning you won't have to take your Dreamer Q on and off repeatedly throughout the week.

So how much does it cost? And where can I get it?

Both the Reveler Q and Dreamer Q start at $125, though some models of the Dreamer Q are listed on Fossil's site (opens in new tab) for only $95 (opens in new tab).

You can either get your fitness tracker online at Fossil's site, or at The Bay's (opens in new tab) website, where the piece is advertised as a 'Stainless Steel Leather Bracelet.'

The bottom line:

At the end of the day, Fossil's fitness trackers are luxurious bracelets that just so happen to double as a fitness tracker. They hold an excellent charge, won't cost you an arm and a leg with its reasonable price-point, and will solidify your spot as the most stylish weight-lifter at your gym.

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