Moto X 2016 — what do you want to see?

As we approach the expected launch of the new Moto X 2016 (or perhaps, the Moto Z), details about the phone are pretty light. Though Lenovo is now in the picture leaks point to a phone that very much has Motorola design language, but with the addition of a few features like a fingerprint sensor on the front of the phone.

Then there are the modular swappable back plates, expected to be called "MotoMods" or "Amps," that will let you add features to the phone by clipping a case-like accessory on the back of the Moto X. The idea didn't really work out too well for the LG G5, if we're being honest, but we're curious to see how Lenovo tries to differentiate.

Because we're kind of in the dark on details, we want to open it up to you — what are you wanting to see this year out of the Moto X? Do you think Lenovo has what it takes to steer the Moto brand into success with the latest flagship?

Sound off in the comments with your expectations!