What do you think about Samsung getting rid of free device themes with Pie?

On November 16, word broke out that Samsung is changing the way it handles free device themes. Starting with its Android 9 Pie update, free themes will be limited to just 14-day trials. After that time, the theme you applied will go away and you'll be reverted back to Samsung's default UI.

It's a pretty strange move, and unsurprisingly, one that a lot of people aren't very pleased with.

Here's what the Android Central forum community has to say about it.

Since the Oreo update, I've been thrilled with the S8. If you're into theming and constantly changing your look, it's a dream. This news would push me away from Samsung.


I can think a ton of reasons to jump OEM ship. But loss of free themes? I do say this using a free one myself. But you know, I'll fork out a dollar or two to keep this one if I have to. Only because I spent heaps of time finding this particular one. Not necessarily because it's free, just because I liked it and it wasn't resource heavy.


I downloaded a few themes but didn't use them, so I deleted them. I guess I'll stay with the default theme.


Really stinks, I've been enjoying the free themes


What about you? What's your take on Samsung crippling free themes like this?

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Joe Maring

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