What is AT&T locker?

If you're an AT&T Wireless customer, you've got 50GB of free cloud storage for files, documents, and photos that you probably didn't even know you had! Well, you do and it's your AT&T Locker. Here's what you need to know about it:

What is AT&T Locker?

AT&T Locker is the name for AT&T's cloud storage service, similar to other cloud storage options such as Dropbox, Microsoft's Onedrive, or Google Drive.

Every AT&T Wireless account comes with 50GB of storage.

Once you've stored data in your locker, you can access it either through an application on your phone, tablet, or computer, or through a web browser interface from any device that can connect to the internet.

What are the requirements for AT&T Locker?

The only requirement for AT&T Locker is that you have an AT&T account. You just need your AT&T User ID and password to set up an account.

The AT&T Locker applications for smartphones, tablets, and computers is free and available to download from the following locations:

The Locker application may also come preloaded on some AT&T smartphones.

Why would you want to use AT&T Locker?

Cloud storage is helpful for quickly and easily sharing files and photos with other people. For instance, if you upload photos from a recent event to your AT&T Locker, you can give out a link to any one with whom you'd like to share them. They can simply click or tap on the link and instantly see the photos.

How secure is it?

On their website, AT&T says that Locker uses TLS and HTTPS cryptographic protocols and 128-bit AES encryption. That's pretty standard protection for cloud storage.

If your phone is stolen, AT&T recommends that you change the password on your AT&T Locker account as soon as possible.

Organize and manage your files

AT&T Locker lets you sort your content in a number of ways. You can create favorites, albums, and download your content to any device that can access the internet.

Share your content

You can share your content by giving out a link to those you wish to share it with, or you can share directly from the Locker app via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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