What is Asus AiProtection Pro and should you subscribe to it?

Asus RT-AX68U
Asus RT-AX68U (Image credit: Asus)

Best answer: Yes! AiProtection is a software package included with many Asus routers that improves network security and adds in-depth parental controls for free.

What is Asus AiProtection?

The first and most important thing that AiProtection gets right is the cost. AiProtection is free for the lifetime of your router. Unlike some of its competitors like TP-Link Homeshield, Netgear Armor, or Eero Secure, AiProtection doesn't just give you a restricted version of its software, you get the whole thing for free.

Neither AiProtection Pro nor AiProtection Classic cost any extra after you buy a supported Asus router. All of Asus' Wi-Fi 6 routers, some of the best Wi-Fi 6 routers available, come with AiProtection built-in.

AiProtection uses Trend Micro's cloud database to provide up-to-date security for your network. This data is used to power AiProtection's Intrusion Detection System, Malicious Site Blocking, Infected Device Detection and Blocking, and Content Filters. This software allows your router to catch problems before they reach your PC or mobile device. This is all automatically updated in the background as well.

The Intrusion Detection System can block common internet-based attacks. The Infected Device Detection and Blocking can detect if a device brought in from another network is infected and can prevent any further data breaches on the network. This is all controlled with the Asus Router app as well.

This protection alone is worth setting up AiProtection. The best part is that it doesn't need to install software on your devices to work either. AiProtection stops problems before they reach your PC. This also means that it's no substitute for traditional antivirus software or safe browsing habits.

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AiProtection also includes parental controls. The controls give you a report of internet activity and allow you to create profiles with specific content blocking. Once you've created a profile for someone in your home, you can add their devices to it and apply parental control settings all at once. You can use a preset for different age groups as well as set up custom content blocking. You can also schedule blocking times to enforce offline time in your home.

Can you switch AiProtection versions?

There are two versions of AiProtection to look out for. AiProtection Pro comes with all of the features and is included on most routers. A slightly cut down AiProtection Classic is available on some cheaper routers like the RT-AX55. Classic drops the Intrusion Detection System as well as some of the finer parental controls. The version you get is the one designed for your router. You will not be able to upgrade AiProtection Classic to Pro, so make sure to get the version you want when choosing your router.

Asus AiProtection Pro and Classic Comparison

Source: Asus (Image credit: Source: Asus)
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