Everyone has a bit of quiet downtime once in a while. Whether you're sitting quietly at home or trying to relax on a plane or just giving your busy mind and hands a break, it's important to relax.

A good way to do that is to read a book, listen to some music or watch a movie or show. See what's caught our attention for the week of February 3rd.

Ara Wagoner

Dragon Ball Z isn't the only anime franchise that's coming back with new content! The pride of all-female manga artist group CLAMP, Cardcaptor Sakura, is back with new cards, new mysteries, and new adorable costumes. This reunion anime, called Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card has been years in the making, and with crystal clear animation, beautifully innocent themes, and everyone's favorite magic girl back in action, it's a good year to be a 90's girl!

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card is streaming with subtitles on Crunchyroll while Funimation is streaming the simulcast dub.

Daniel Bader

This week, I've been catching up on podcasts, and my new favorite binge listen (even though there are three episodes so far, so it was a pretty short binge) is Launch by John August. The podcast follows John's charmed quest to write and publish a book, in this case a "middle grade" fantasy book aimed at kids between 10 and 12 years old.

Even though what happens to John, who is already a successful screenwriter and has what appears to be a particularly easy road to success (the book comes out next week), the podcast is a fascinating glimpse into the often-opaque world of book publishing.

Marc Lagace

After binging through all my favorite Netflix series for the past year it's time to take a break — and start binging some of my favorite shows on Amazon Prime Video!

I'm starting with Community which is one of my all-time favorite shows and I was pretty bummed when I realized that it had been removed from the Netflix library (in Canada, at least). I love the first three seasons of this show when it was on NBC before the showrunner and head writer Dan Harmon took a leave for season 4… and then thing were never quite the same.

Nevertheless, since Amazon Prime has all six seasons this will be my first time re-watching the whole dang series since the show concluded in 2015 and I'm pretty excited. For Americans who haven't seen Community, I believe Hulu has the streaming rights.

Joe Maring

With college class now in full-force, I've been relying on a couple Spotify playlists to keep me on-task whether I'm writing a paper for school or knocking out news articles for AC. To help me do that, I've been listening to a mix of Peaceful Piano and Ambient Chill. Each playlist features an excellent collection of tunes that help keep me as productive as can be, and I highly recommend checking each one out.

Before it's time for work, however, I've found myself starting each day with a couple episodes of Good Mythical Morning. I used to be a regular viewer of the show, and following a hiatus of not keeping up with Rhett and Link, it's been great to tune in each morning with something new to watch. Seeing two grown men eat eel with chocolate ice cream while also trying to eat breakfast myself may sound like a terrible idea, but it's a routine that I've really been enjoying this week.

Harish Jonnalagadda

Doctor Who consistently ranks among the top British TV shows of all time, and it's easy to see why. The plot features everything from time travel to scary monsters, mutants hell-bent on destroying civilizations, and a timeline that stretches to the end of the universe. The writing is magnificent — as is the acting — but what makes the series work is the camaraderie between the Doctor and his companions.

The show first aired all the way back in 1963, although the classic series ended in 1989 and the whole franchise was rebooted in 2005. The eleventh season is set to kick off later this year with a female Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) taking the helm for the first time. Whittaker was magnificent in Broadchurch, and it'll be very interesting to see how the show progresses with a female lead. All ten seasons are available for streaming on Prime Video in the U.S..

Tom Westrick

I purchased some vinyl records of my favorite albums to use as wall art, and two of those records were At Folsom Prison and At San Quentin by Johnny Cash. These have a special place in my heart since they were the first two full albums I ever bought on my own, and both cover arts are just so iconic. After purchasing the records, I listened to both albums straight through — digitally, I don't have a record player — something I haven't done in about six months.

I've also been plugging away at watching The Goldbergs and playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Usually at the same exact time.

Andrew Martonik

Despite being aware of the series forever, I somehow had never watched an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" on Netflix. Over the past few weeks, I've knocked out every single episode in the series, and it was fantastic. Jerry is just a casually hilarious host, and he picks some great guests that he already has personal relationships with, which really helps the show have a natural flow.

The cars they pick to drive are awesome, the guests give great insight into the world of comedy and some of the bits had me in tears. I highly recommend it, whether you get into just a few episodes or fall down the rabbit hole and watch all four seasons.

Your turn

What are YOU reading, watching, or listening to this week? Let us know in the comments!

Update, February 3, 2018: This is a weekly series where we tell you what we're into, so check back every Friday or Saturday!