What Android phones are compatible with Visible?

Visible SIM card Galaxy S20+
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What Android phones are compatible with Visible?

Visible works with a wide range of phones that support Verizon's LTE or 5G network, support VoLTE, and are unlocked. You can check your phone's IMEI on Visible's site to find out for certain if your phone is compatible.

Visible works with most modern Android phones, but you should still check

When Visible launched, it was very progressive in its tech requirements with no support for 3G and only working with VoLTE for voice calls. At the time, these features weren't as common, but most phones from the past couple of years should support the tech.

Even so, it's a good idea to check your phone before getting signed up for Visible. Before you buy anything, Visible will have you check your phone's IMEI list against its database to see if your phone will work on its network. If it's all good, you'll proceed to order a SIM card for your phone.

If your phone is not approved by Visible, you'll be prompted to either buy a new one, or swap it with Visible's Swap program. Visible Swap offers a free Android phone in exchange for your old phone when you sign up with the carrier. While the phones aren't bad, they are lower-end devices. This is a great deal if you're ready for a new phone, but if you've got a fairly modern, though incompatible phone, you could end up with something less performant.

For example, in our Visible review, we had no trouble activating an unlocked Galaxy S20+ with 5G. However, an unlocked AT&T LG V60 isn't approved and neither is an international Zenfone 8. Even with a modern phone, your mileage may vary.

You can still bring one of the best Android phones you buy unlocked. Visible supports many of these like the Galaxy S22 series and the Pixel 6 series without issue. If you're considering something a little less common, it may be worth reaching out to Visible's support team before buying one.

Ready to buy a new phone?

Visible supports bringing your own device if you want to take advantage of any unlocked offer, but unless you're sure the device is compatible, it's a good idea to double-check with Visible support.

If you're looking for a sure thing, you can buy a phone directly from Visible. When you're signing up for Visible, you'll be given the option to buy a new phone. This makes things simpler by including a SIM card and the fact that you know it will work. Visible sells a wide range of Androids and iPhones. 

You can purchase them for full price as well as pay for them over time with Affirm financing. If you want to buy a phone with payments but don't want to go through Affirm, it may be worth seeing if your credit card supports payment plans for larger purchases.

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