Meet the Amazon Flex, a plug-mounted Echo speaker and sensor

What you need to know

  • The Echo Flex is a plug-and-play Echo for any space.
  • The speaker is too small for music, but will work for alexa voice responses.
  • Echo Flex is available for $25.
  • Motion sensor and night light can be added for $14 each.

Amazon has added another new Alexa-enabled smart device to the Echo family, the Echo Flex. The Echo Flex is a simple and small smart plug-shaped device that allows you to bring Alexa and Echo to places where you may not have been able to put a larger smart speaker.

The speaker and microphone on the Echo Flex are small and optimized only for Alexa voice responses, not music. It comes with a USB port to charge your phone or other small device without using an extra outlet, and it you can plug in an additional motion sensor or smart night light accessories to the bottom of the device.

The Echo Flex is available today for $25 (opens in new tab) and the attachable smart night light and motion sensor accessories are $14 each.

Amazon Echo Flex

The Flex is Amazon's way of putting an Alexa speaker anywhere with a plug, letting you ask for things in your hallway or wherever a speaker can't fit.

Jeramy Johnson

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  • This actually looks kind of useful. I have a couple of places where I have an echo dot plugged into a mounting bracket to keep it on the wall They also have nightlights near them as well.
  • I predict that a version with smart outlets is in the near future. It just makes sense to put all this in one package. Now I just need them to finally allow me to switch between internal speaker and Aux out by voice so I can use this with a stereo without having to manually swap plugs.