It's different, and many would say improved - but what do you say?

Right now, the hottest thing in the Android Universe is the Galaxy S5. Usually we're the hottest thing in the Android universe, but we're OK being behind the new phone from the biggest Android OEM for a few weeks. And because this is the Internet, you can't say the words Galaxy S5 without someone else saying the words TouchWiz.

Alex spent some time up to his armpits in TouchWiz, busy working in the best damn review you'll read for the Galaxy S5. You can see what we think of TouchWiz as a collective. But what you think is important is even more, well, important. As usual, I have to put my two cents in, and if you're expecting a world of hate you're going to be disappointed. TouchWiz is not yet software that I would want to use, but seeing Samsung give it some serious attention makes me love it. Samsung has to try and please about 50 million people, and the fact that they went deep with an overhaul says that they want to do it better. When Samsung wants to do something better, and they start throwing resources (read: money) at it they usually end up with something pretty darn good. I see the "new" TouchWiz as the beginning of the "great" TouchWiz. If HTC could do it with Sense (remember how bad Sense used to suck?) Samsung can certainly do it, and likely even better.

Enough from me. There's a poll in the right sidebar of the homepage, and you'll also find it embedded below. Take a minute, answer it. Let your voice be heard.