T-Mobile G1

Some of us hold on to them, some of us go through them like candy

No, I'm not still using a T-Mobile G1. Even I couldn't go back that far on the Android timeline — I need at least Gingerbread.

This week we're curious about the Android phone you're using. Not what brand and model, or which carrier you're using, but how long you have had it. We almost have to switch our phones every six months around these parts, because we have no business writing about phones that we've not used. One of us will always have the latest handset from the top OEMs in our pocket.

That doesn't mean we feel we need to switch. Phil and I really like the Moto X, which is already six months old. Andrew would be happy with his Nexus 4, I think. Alex told me the HTC One is a phone he could still use as a daily driver. These phones still work well, and do what we ask of them with few issues. Don't think we don't love using the new gear from HTC or Samsung or LG or the rest, because we do. But we could be fine with any of the phones I just talked about.

We know we're not alone, and that some of you are hanging on to a phone you love, while some have fallen in love with the one you just bought. You know the drill. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, and you can also find it after the break. Answer the question, then jump in the comments to discuss.

Me? I'm partial to my Moto X, but for now I'm using the Sony Z Ultra GPe for a bit, so my answer is less than six months. Tell us yours.