We're seeing Lollipop get pushed out in force the past few days, and we're curious about how many people actually got an over-the-air update versus those who took matters into their own hands.

With Nexus devices, Moto devices, Shield tablets and even some LG G3 phones seeing some Lollipop loving we know plenty of people have something installed. There are plenty of things you can do if you don't feel like waiting, and most of them are fairly easy. Factor in custom ROM builds, and it's out there for plenty of us — if we want to grab it.

I'm waiting this year. I have no sign of Lollipop on any of the devices that have an OTA update in the wild. It's my way of feeling the struggle, because I'm the type of person who flashes something as soon as I can flash it normally.

I hate it, just like you hate it. But I'm forcing myself to wait.

What about you? Did you get your sweet candy, or did you have to go out and grab it yourself? The poll is below, as are the comments. You know what to do!