This week we're going to get out the gloves and let two of the best phones take on all comers — we're talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Droid Turbo, of course.

In the Note 4, Samsung took everything that was great about the Note 3, made a bunch of it even better, then put it all together into a fancy new package that just about everyone loves. When it comes to all-day battery, and features to match the big screen, it sits atop the hill as king.

Motorola isn't taking this lying down, and they have released a beast of their own in the Droid Turbo. So far it's only available on Verizon here in the US, but we're thinking that will change. While it has no S Pen, it does have the specs and one important thing — the promise of fast (read: very freaking fast) updates.

Or maybe neither of these are the "best" and you have a different idea. Click that button in the poll, then dive in the comments and tell us the what and why about your choice.