This is a screen we're seeing less and less of.

Double-tapping the screen, using the home button, using the gyroscope or the IR sensors... with every phone it seems like there's a new way to take some strain off our power buttons. Manufacturers keep coming up with ways to make our phones more responsive and shorten the time between us picking up their phones and getting to whatever it is we want do to with them. More importantly, finding ways to take some of the burden of waking a phone off the power button means that power button will last longer, and I can't be the only one who remembers the panic when their power button on their smartphone started to fail from overuse. So, we'd think that more people would be using these methods to wake their phones up, so we put it to you, our readers, in this week's poll.

And while a fair few of us are, there are a lot of us that aren't.

These results surprised me. A lot.

The winner of the poll — barely — was the old-fashioned power button. It edged out KnockOn or Knock Codes by a little over half of a percentage point, but it did. This may not be a case of want but necessity for many users, who mentioned that many phones such as the Nexus 5 only have the power button to wake it out of the box. Other users said they selected the power button because that's what it's there for. Combined with the 15 percent of the responding users this week, almost half of the users in this poll still use a physical button to wake their phone.

Bringing up a close second was Knock On or Knock Codes, which brought in votes from double-tap and swipe to wake methods from both OEMs and 3rd-party apps alike. Many double-tap users confessed that double-tap rapidly became a necessity on their future phones after finding a phone that used it, as did many Moto Display users.

And while we didn't mention 3rd-party apps in the poll, they made a big showing in the comments. Some, like AcDisplay, were close enough to the OEM choices, and others, like Nova gestures and Gravity Screen, were a little more original. We love the amount of choice for users out there, but we didn't have the room for them. While we're hopeful that more methods come to phones out of the box, we're happy that even users that don't have a Moto X or Nexus 6 can get AcDisplay and have some of that functionality.

Are you surprised that the power button still reigns supreme? Or are you rooting for KnockOn and other double-tap methods overtake it before long? What would be the perfect wake method for your phone, if it doesn't already exist? Tell us below, and as always, if you have any burning questions about Android, feel free to mention them before, and we may pick it for next Tuesday's poll.