Samsung Gear S2

Here at AC, we're pretty split up when it comes to the Samsung Gear S2. Some of us really want one. Some of us don't. Phil is undecided and has some questions, and there is even some crazy guy with a beard that just doesn't love wearables no matter how hard he tries. Turns out, our feelings pretty much mirror those who participated in our latest poll.

Samsung is no stranger to making smart watches, and the Gear S2 looks to be their most ambitious project yet. They have decided to once again forego using Android Wear in favor of Tizen (only one Samsung watch has used Android Wear — the Gear Live) and this will put off some potential buyers, but it really shouldn't. Tizen is a really good OS that needs time to mature — much like Android did. What should (and did) put off many potential buyers of previous models was the requirement that you use a Samsung brand Android phone to use one of the previous models, but Samsung has had a change of heart and opened up the Gear S2 to more devices. Good guy Samsung.

Back to the poll results. About half of the people who answered the poll said they are interested in picking up a Gear S2. In the other half, you have a few people who are still undecided, and a few who just aren't into wearables at all — both very valid responses — and 28 percent of the people who responded have no interest.

We like to think that our polls, while unscientific, are a good look at the tech sector of the general buying public. If that's the case things look good for Samsung this time around. Of course, once some real-world reviews come out for any product, opinions change.