Google Hangouts

Last week we asked what apps and methods everyone is using for casual chatting with their friends and family. We got a pretty good mix for the results, but the most popular among readers who participated is still good old SMS messaging.

Poll results

Text messaging, with over 2,700 votes, takes the top spot with a full third of us using it to keep in touch. This is no surprise, really, as SMS messaging is available on every phone, is easy to use, and it's finally free on most cellular plans. Add in a bevy of great third-party messaging clients for Android, and you have a service that works well for just about everyone.

Google Hangouts and WhatsApp grabbed a good bit of support, and the "other" category gave us a few commenters each using Skype, Kik, Voxer and BBM. I totally expected FaceBook Messenger to get more votes, because of their 1.44 Billion active monthly users, but it came in at number four with 13-percent of the vote.

My take away from all of this is that we're pretty lucky to have so many cross-platform messengers available on Android. Use what works best for you and the people you stay in touch with.