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And that makes sense for the most part. Very few of us — people reading Android Central and then taking the time to vote in an online poll — are involved with the music industry. We have no idea what goes on, how cutthroat it all may be, or even how sincere any complaints of unfairness may or may not be. We're taking a guess at best, and when it comes right down to it we're not in a position to know much of anything about any of it.

But we do want to stream music. On some level, we all probably want the people making the music we enjoy to make lots of money and continue making it, too. Letting the people involved in the business worry about the business is a bit of a cop-out, but with no real knowledge it's probably the way we should feel.

Poll results

Anyhoo, breaking it down shows that about 40-percent of us just want someone else to worry about it, whether that's fair or not. About 30-percent say they don't care about anyone's money but their own (also a valid, if a bit unfeeling, response) and just over 20-percent think we should care more about how musicians are paid. Hopefully, the small number of people admitting to pirating music is really only about 10-percent, but I'll wager it's more.

One thing's for sure — the weird way this thing about Apple Music went down didn't help the situation very much. I'll admit, I see it as a wonderful way to point out what I feel is an attempt to manipulate public perception by two well-know brands (Apple and Taylor Swift) and have done my share of mocking the situation. In retrospect, that's not fair to the very real people who were about to get the financial shaft from Apple. If you're a struggling artist, I think you deserve to get as much cash as you can for your work. I also think that there are better ways to try and achieve that goal than asking someone like me, who is clueless about how your business works, to try and pick a side. It also probably would have been better to have someone who isn't Taylor Swift say something about it all, too.

So where do we, regular, normal everyday people who like to listen to music, get some solid facts that aren't tainted from impossible PR stunts by people with plenty to gain from doing them? I know some of you guys are involved in the entertainment industry. Help us help you, the right way.

We probably all want to care — I know I do.