Fandango on your phone

When it comes to watching movies on the big screen, we all have our preferences. Whether that means that you like to go at midnight and see the newest epic in full IMAX, or you prefer to catch an afternoon matinee after all the hubub has died down, you'll still need to grab yourself tickets. Since Star Wars premieres in less than 72 hours, making sure you get those tickets before they have all sold out is definitely a priority for plenty of people right now.

There are plenty of easy ways to get the tickets you want, for the showings you can't miss. So your choices this week are buying your tickets in person at the counter, Grabbing them from a kiosk at the theater, picking them up using your computer, or using an app on your phone.

How do you prefer to acquire your movie tickets?

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Let us know which option is your preference in the comments below!