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Last week we asked how you prefer to grab your movie tickets. Many of us catch at least a few movies at the theater each year, and getting your tickets can occasionally be a hassle. Whether you like to get yours as soon as they become available online, or run down to the theater to pick them up in person, having a plan is rarely a bad plan. Especially in a year like this, where Star Wars is already breaking ticket sales records left and right and saw premiere screenings sell out months in advance.

We gave you four choices in last week's poll; buying tickets in person from a counter, buying them in person from a kiosk, grabbing them via an app on your phone like Fandango, or purchasing them using your computer.

Poll Follwup: Movie tickets

So with 933 votes purchasing tickets in person from a counter won out with 41 percent of the vote. In second place was using an app like Fandango, with 25 percent of the votes and 569 individual votes. Lagging barely behind in third place was using your computer to pick up tickets, with 523 votes and 23 percent of the overall vote. Last, but not least, was picking up tickets in person from a kiosk with 12 percent, only 273 votes. We were actually a bit surprised that more of you preferred going to pick up tickets in person, rather than using an app but it isn't really that shocking.

Do you prefer picking up your tickets from the counter? Let us know why you voted the way you did in the comments below!