Text to talk

Last week we asked how you like to talk to people. The days where the only way you could get in touch with someone was a phone call are far behind us. With the ability to easily text, call, message, or video chat with someone, you can fine tune how you communicate with the people in your lives. Whether you prefer calling your friends, messaging them on Skype or speaking to them face-to-face using Hangouts, how you talk to people in entirely in your hands.

There were six choices in last week's poll: "Calling them", "Texting them", "A messenger client", "Video chat", "Picture messages", and "I try to avoid talking to people".

Poll followup: talking to people

In first place with 37 percent of the vote was "Texting". Second place was a two-way tie between "Calling" and "A messenger client", both of which grabbed up 25 percent of the votes. In third place with 11 percent of the vote, was "I try to avoid talking to people". In fourth place with a bare 1 percent of the vote is "Video chat". In fifth, and last place in this week's poll was "picture messages" with 0 percent.

Do you agree with our poll results? Let us know your preferred method of communication in the comments below!