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Last week we asked where you were going to be doing your Black Friday shopping. Considering the chaos of shopping in person has become more and more of a hassle in recent years, and that there is always a sale somewhere on Amazon that's hard to resist, most of us do at least a little bit of shopping on this high retail holiday. Surprise, surprise though, no shopping at all won out in our poll this week.

There were four basic choices for you to pick amongst last week. Shopping in brick and mortar stores, shopping online, doing both, or not shopping on Black Friday at all. Plenty of people get up early, or stay up late to try and get the best deals on holiday presents for the people in their life. However this week, almost half of our voters said they don't go shopping at all the day after Thanksgiving.

That's right. Our winner with 45 percent of the vote, 1326 voted for no shopping on Black Friday. Just behind them with 36 percent, and 1061 votes were those online shoppers getting the best deals right from their couches. Hitting both online and brick and mortar stores staggered in at third with only 13 percent of the vote, and finally physical stores only managed to grab up a meager 3 percent of the vote.

Black Friday poll result

While it is a bit surprising that so many people have started to avoid Black Friday, and those sweet, sweet, deals, it isn't unheard of by a long shot. Who wants to leave Thanksgiving dinner early to go stand in line at Best Buy when it is freezing outside? With almost 3000 total votes this week, it was easy to see where you planned to grab the best deals, or no deals at all.

So did you stand in line on Friday, and get an awesome deal for your labor of love? Let us know why you swear by, or swear off, Black Friday in the comments below!