Snapseed filters at work

Smartphone cameras have come a long way. They are capable of taking pictures that are clear and bright, and even the least capable ones usually can pull off a picture that's good enough for any use. Because of this, we (the collective "we" meaning Android enthusiasts) often scoff at all the filters and hipster magic that filter apps like Snapseed can do to your pictures.

But some of them are interesting, and with a little work they can look really nice. That's what we're going for this week. Take your time, play with the camera settings , then have a crack with the filters of your choice. If you don't already have a favorite camera filter app, there are plenty of free ones in Google Play -- Snapseed is one I'll recommend.

Once you have your masterpiece, hit the forums and enter the contest. The prize this go 'round is a Lloyd Overlord T-Shirt and one of the cool new Lloyd Gear stickers. It's a great way to show your Android pride while at the movies, a ballgame, or at the Apple store. We're giving the best five pictures one of each.

Before we go, let's all congratulate last week's winner olivercollings for his cool picture of a engine manifold taken with his Galaxy S3. Nice work, Oliver. Check your inbox for information about your prize.

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