All work and no play something something.

While the Internet is a great place to learn stuff and a handy tool you can use for work or school, it's also filled with random fun. This weekend we've got five webcomics that are as random as they are fun.

You don't need anything special or the biggest and baddest most expensive phone or tablet in the universe to check them out, either. Any Android with any web browser (that'd be like all of them) will do you just fine.

Check out my five favorites, and be sure to point me towards any others I need to be reading. Sharing is caring!

Show me the webcomics!

1. Abstruse Goose

Abstruse Goose

Random funnies that may not be appropriate for the young'uns, but are still safe for work. Abstruse Goose has a pretty big archive and is updated pretty regularly.

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2. Nedroid


Witty and crudely drawn, Nedroid is my favorite webcomic. It's generally safe for the kids as well as the office, and even your mom. There's no set update schedule, which for some crazy reason makes me check the site even more.

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3. Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade

More of a portal to all sorts of time-wasting fun stuff, Penny Arcade has several comics worth checking out in the comics section. Pretty smart place to put them, don'tcha think? Holyhedron and A Life Of Service are a couple of my faves. Be warned — things on Penny Arcade can get pretty crude. Mind the kids (and mom).

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4. The Oatmeal

The oatmeal

Everyone loves The Oatmeal. You've seen the comics stripped away from the site and reposted to death at Facebook or Google+, so you might as well hit the source direct-like and see them all. Be warned that these can get pretty crude.

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5. xkcd


No list of webcomics can be complete without a little xkcd. Random, irreverent, and chock full of words and pictures that are probably too much for the kids, but still one of the best webcomics ever. Bookmark this one for sure.

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