Android Ringtones

I was fooling around in my Google Drive the other night, and came across a really cool find. I have a folder with a bunch of old ringtones and notification sounds from Froyo and Gingerbread just sitting there, waiting for me to get all nostalgic and use them.

I have no idea why I saved the ones I saved. I'm going to guess they were my favorites from back then, and needed to use them on a phone that didn't include the "stock" Android ringtones and sounds. Or maybe something else. In any case, I figure other people might just enjoy a blast from the past and wanted to share them here. What ones do I have, you ask? These 10, plus an ultra-bonus DROOOIIIIDDDDDDD sound. All converted to 320kbps mp3 files. Don't ask why, I have no answer. Just enjoy.

Android sounds

Download 10 ringtones from the Android of yesteryear