Howdy, everyone!

I hope all the Weekend Regulars (I like the sound of that and may have t-shirts printed) are doing well and everything's fine and dandy in your corner of the planet. I am back and raring to go after a proper vacation where fruity mixed drinks outnumbered beeping phones by about 40:1, and that means this is like one of the best weekends ever. I might even be all caught up come Monday if I spend all weekend wor... I won't be all caught up. Too much Far Cry 5 and I still have to unpack.

I did have a blast on vacation. Visited my daughter and her family (which includes a beautiful little granddaughter and a shiny new Verizon Pixel 2 to take pictures of her) where I got to pretend I was the wise family patriarch and answered the important questions like red or white and whether or not it looks like rain. The family is doing great and I had a wonderful time so I'm riding that high you only get after days of good times.

I'll need the rest and high spirits because I get to pack it all back up and head out to Google I/O in three more weeks and experience the thrills of Shoreline Amphitheater in a wheelchair. Sure hope Daniel and Andrew are well rested because those hills will have me beaten around 10 AM the first morning 🙂.

Anyways, I'm sitting back and catching up on everything for the weekend and by now my eyes probably need a break from all the words about phones and assorted mobile stuff. Let me know what you're up to this weekend so I can stay at least mostly sane!