Android version

We've seen the Google Play data, let's see how Android Central readers compare

Google does a really nice job reporting what users of Google Play have running on their devices. They even release a general "This is how many devices use each version" post each month for developers to know just what to target with their apps. this is helpful, because as the trend moves to higher versions, they can use newer APIs for application updates. Google understands that without a long list of great apps, a smartphone platform has no chance.

Through the years, the numbers migrate to higher versions but one thing remains the same — the majority of users are one or more full platform versions behind. This matters, though less than most people want to admit, but it's a cross section of devices across the world that includes phones that will never get an update, phones that are discontinued, and people that don't care to ever update as long as things work. That's how the real world operates — some will never be current for one reason or another.

This data is important, but I've a feeling that regular readers of AC won't quite fit into this mold. I'm betting that Jelly Bean will be the most popular version, just like the official numbers, but the percentage of devices running Kit Kat will be much higher than the general population. When I have a question or get an idea that data can prove or disprove, it's poll time.

You'll find a poll in the sidebar to the right, or after the break to make things easy for mobile viewers. Look at the device you use the most. Answer the question and tell us what version it is running. This one should be fun to follow, which you can do by checking the results from time to time. If your Android device is running a version not on the list, give us an "other" and shout out in the comments.