This "ideal" Garmin smartwatch is less than $200 during Prime Big Deal Days

Garmin Vivoactive 4 watch face showing heart rate
(Image credit: Courtney Lynch / Android Central)

If you need a compact smartwatch that's sleek, elegant, and not overbearing, we've got the Garmin deal for you. The Garmin vivoactive 4s fits the bill, and it’s on for an incredible deal right now as part of the Amazon Prime Day Big Deal Days event, which takes place October 10 and 11. While it normally sells for $329.99, you can grab the smartwatch for $169.99, saving $160. Yes, that means it’s almost half price. 

As the smaller variant to the Garmin vivoactive 4 that Android Central’s Courtney Lynch reviewed late last year, the Garmin vivoactive 4s has all the same features, just in a much smaller package. This includes all-day activity tracking, Body Battery to help guide you along in your workouts and let you know when you should kick up the intensity or take a rest day, heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, on-screen coaching and more. 

Small wristers will want to jump on this deal for the Garmin vivoactive 4s

Garmin vivoactive 4s smartwatch: $329.99

Garmin vivoactive 4s smartwatch: $329.99 $169.99 on Amazon  

There’s a limited selection of smartwatches designed for smaller wrists that still offer premium features. The Garmin vivoactive 4s is one of those models, and with this deal, you’re getting it for almost half price. It tracks everything under the sun, all viewable on the 1.1-inch display and in the intuitive Garmin Connect app. And it works with both Android and iOS.

While it does have shorter battery life than its larger sister, you’ll still be able to wear this smartwatch for a full week (up to 7 days) before needing to recharge, or 15 hours if you go for daily runs and use the built-in GPS. There are 20 pre-loaded workouts you can choose from to track or visit the Garmin Connect app to download more, even create your own custom workout.

With the ability to enjoy apps, store music, and pay for items using Garmin Pay, this is a feature-rich smartwatch that will help get you through the day. Plus, its round face and swappable screens (and bands) make it a watch that will look equally good while you work out at the gym as it will when you wear it to go partying at night. 

If you have big, thick wrists, this isn’t the watch for you. But for those with thinner wrists or who prefer a slightly scaled back design that still packs plenty of features, the vivosmart 4s won’t disappoint. It isn’t the newest model in the line, introduced back in 2019. But it still holds up today as a solid smartwatch for fitness enthusiasts, health nuts, or those just looking to get insight into their overall wellness.

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