The Galaxy Watch 5 gains new Peloton integration to track workouts in real time

Connecting the Galaxy Watch 5 to Peloton equipment
(Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Peloton is rolling out new app integration for Galaxy Watch devices.
  • Users will be able to easily connect their smartwatches to their equipment to monitor their metrics in real time.
  • The new capability is rolling out to the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5.

Peloton, a leading exercise equipment company, and Samsung have announced a partnership that will grant the new Galaxy Watch series new integration capabilities. Samsung says the new app integration will allow its smartwatches to connect to Peloton equipment "with just a tap," such as the Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, Row, and Guide.

With the new integration, Peloton users will be able to track their metrics using the new Galaxy Watch 5 or even the Galaxy Watch 4. After selecting a workout on their equipment, a prompt will pop up on the watch app to pair to the devices. Once connected, their heart rate will be easily viewable from their Peloton equipment so users can monitor their performance.

Tracking workout performance with the Galaxy Watch 5 connected to Peloton equipment

(Image credit: Samsung)

Peloton grew in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as public gym closures forced consumers to invest in home gyms. The company offers various types of equipment and accessories to help users tackle their various fitness goals.

Samsung points to a Penn State study that found an increase in physical activity from consumers that wear smartwatches. Participants in the study increased their daily steps by 73%, reaching an average of nearly 5,000 steps a day after a three-month period. Additionally, a poll Android Central conducted in 2022 showed that second to the convenience factor, fitness tracking is a primary reason why consumers purchase smartwatches, with health monitoring as another top reason.

The Galaxy Watch is one of our favorite fitness-tracking smartwatches, particularly due to its impressive tracking features and BIA sensor that's capable of reading body composition. You can read about how I compare the Galaxy Watch 5 to other wearables like the Oura Ring and Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition and how it fits into my fitness journey.

I may not own any Peloton equipment, but if you do and you have Galaxy Watch 4 or 5, you can download the Peleton app now from the Play Store on your smartwatch and smartphone.

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