Samsung just dropped a Galaxy Ring teaser as it sets its sights on the Oura Ring

The Samsung Galaxy Ring teaser image at Galaxy Unpacked 2024
(Image credit: Samsung / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung dropped a surprise teaser for its upcoming Galaxy Ring during Unpacked.
  • The wearable is expected to compete with other smart rings, such as the popular Oura Ring.
  • Samsung showed off a brief glimpse of the wearable, which will likely arrive later this year.

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2024 was full of big announcements, such as the Galaxy S24 series and all the new AI features. However, Samsung pulled an Apple by giving us "one more thing," and that was a teaser for the company's upcoming Galaxy Ring.

Unfortunately, Samsung didn't say much about the wearable, but the company did show us a quick glimpse of the ring before closing the event.

A teaser for the Samsung Galaxy Ring

(Image credit: Samsung / Android Central)

From the looks of it, the Galaxy Ring will have a slightly different design when compared to other smart rings, most notably the popular Oura Ring. The wearable looks like it has a concave design, which seems like an interesting choice when you have to fit a plethora of sensors into a small device. The inner sensors are clearly visible in the teaser.

Of course, there are only so many ways you can differentiate the look of a smart ring, so we'll have to see what else Samsung has cooked up for the device as far as design and features go (the teaser really didn't reveal much).

While not much was said about the Galaxy Ring, this isn't the first time we've heard of such a wearable, as there have been a few leaks surrounding the device over the past year. References to a Galaxy Ring were found in the Galaxy Wearable app, and patents have already been spotted, so it seemed likely Samsung was preparing to reveal the ring soon.

Some leaks pointed to a Galaxy Unpacked reveal, but later leaks hinted that the Galaxy Ring wouldn't arrive until later in the year, which will likely be the case.

As for the features, pricing, specs, and other information, Samsung has left us in the dark. The teaser seemed to hint that the smart ring will launch later this year as part of new experiences coming to Samsung Health. While it stopped short of giving us a launch window, it seems likely we could see the ring appear this summer when Samsung updates its Galaxy Watch lineup.

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