The Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 poses for the camera in this hands-on video

A leaked render of the alleged Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 showing the rear health sensors and a sporty silicone watch band.
(Image credit: Windows Report)

What you need to know

  • The leaked hands-on video of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 reveals a larger, portrait-oriented rectangle shape, departing from the pill-shaped design of its predecessor.
  • Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Fit 3 will have a larger display, potentially increasing from 1.1 inches on the Galaxy Fit 2 to 1.61 inches.
  • The leaked video also provides a glimpse of various watch faces that the Galaxy Fit 3 may have, along with showcasing the built-in Samsung Health features.

A leaked hands-on video of the unannounced Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 on store shelves reveals a big difference from the Galaxy Fit 2.

Tipster @WigettaGaming shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) claiming to feature the Galaxy Fit 3 in black and white (via SamMobile). The clip showcases the wearable in a store display and being worn on someone's wrist.

The next-generation fitness tracker seems to have gotten a lot bigger, shifting from the pill-shaped design of its predecessor to a portrait-oriented rectangle, resembling the top Android smartwatches in size.

The Arabic-language video has been online for a bit, but it's only getting more buzz recently. It gives us a solid look at the device, honing in on its bigger screen. Rumor has it that the display size is bumping up to 1.61 inches from the Galaxy Fit 2's 1.1 inches.

We also get a good look at the different watch faces the Galaxy Fit 3 may rock, along with the usual bunch of Samsung Health features packed in.

In late January, some leaked press images spilled the beans on the Galaxy Fit 3, highlighting the band colors, dimensions, sensors, and sports modes. Previous certifications for the Galaxy Fit 3 hinted at a beefed-up 200mAh battery, giving it 41mAh more juice than the Fit 2's 15-day battery life.

Seeing these wearables out in what seems like a store display, it seems like Samsung's announcement is just around the corner. However, we're in the dark about the pricing and release details. Also, while this leak seems legit, we can't be totally sure about its accuracy until it's officially confirmed.

Regardless, this gives us the most detailed look at the wearable so far, and the retail packaging in the background hints that some stores are gearing up to sell the upcoming fitness band. Now, we're just waiting for Samsung to officially drop the news.

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