Humane warns all AI Pin users to stop using its charging case

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What you need to know

  • An investigation revealed battery problems in the AI Pin's Charge Case Accessory, supplied by a third-party vendor.
  • Humane didn’t confirm if there was an actual fire, but some battery cells could be a fire risk.
  • The AI Pin device, battery booster, and charging pad are safe; the issue is only with the charging case.
  • To compensate, Humane is offering two free months of its subscription service.

Humane has instructed owners of its $700 AI Pin device to "immediately" cease using its charging case due to a potential fire hazard.

After looking into a report about a charging problem, Humane found a battery quality issue in the AI Pin's Charge Case Accessory, which was supplied by a third-party vendor, The Verge reports.

Although Humane didn't confirm if the charging issue caused an actual fire, the company did find that some battery cells from this vendor could be a fire hazard.

On the other hand, the AI Pin itself, along with its battery booster and charging pad, are safe; the problem is only with the charging case parts.

“Our investigation determined that the battery supplier was no longer meeting our quality standards and that there is a potential that certain battery cells supplied by this vendor may pose a fire safety risk,” Humane wrote in an email to customers, which was published on its support website. “As a result, we immediately disqualified this battery vendor while we work to identify a new vendor to avoid such issues and maintain our high quality standards.”

"While we know this may cause an inconvenience to you, customer safety is our priority at Humane," the company wrote.

To make up for it, Humane is offering two free months of its subscription service, which is needed for most of the AI Pin’s features. The company hasn't said yet if it will replace the faulty charging cases.

We’ve reached out to Humane for more information on its plans to replace the charging cases and will update this article when we get a response.

The AI Pin’s launch has been rocky, with harsh reviews pointing out many issues with its basic features like on-palm projection and gesture controls. There are also reports that Humane might be looking to sell the company just weeks after launching the AI Pin, adding to the device’s troubled start.

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