Leaked Pixel Watch ad shows several key features alongside smart home controls

Google Pixel Watch
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What you need to know

  • A leaked Pixel Watch ad shows off a few features.
  • The advertisement shows off a few Fitbit integrated features alongside the Pixel Watch's smart home voice controls.
  • Through another leak, we're seeing potential looks at controls and notifications for Google smart home devices on the Pixel Watch's face.

We're seemingly gaining an early look at a new leaked Pixel Watch ad ahead of its reveal this week.

Known Twitter leaked SnoopyTech tweeted the supposed ad, giving us a very good look at the upcoming Google smartwatch. The leaked advertisement begins with the Pixel Watch's design, which continues to look absolutely stunning, especially when compared to some of the best Android smartwatches out there.

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The ad begins with a look at the Pixel Watch's rotating crown on the right side of its body. The video mentions the watch's "sleek design," which we know the Pixel Watch will have a circular face and a flat edge-to-edge display. The three finishes referenced in the leaked ad refer to the Pixel Watch's supposed black, gray, and gold casings.

Since we're talking about the Pixel Watch's fashion, there was another batch of leaks surrounding its potential bands. The rumors speak of three materials: silicon (similar to Fitbit's Infinity loop band), leather, and fabric which all come in a variety of colors.

The video then dips us into the Fitbit integration that is set to arrive on the watch. The leaked ad takes us through a couple of memorable features from Fitbit, like its heart rate tracking and active zone minutes for hitting those workout goals.

We're then transitioned into what Google may be bringing to the table in terms of software, such as Google Maps navigation, contactless payments thanks to Google Wallet, voice calls, and Google Assistant smart home control. A man is shown telling Google to "turn on the lights," which works almost instantly. The ability to control your smart home devices was something teased since Google's I/O 2022 event in May, which will be aided by the Google Home app finally coming to Wear OS.

In addition to the leaked ad, a new tweet from Mishaal Rahman also shows off more Pixel Watch software. The images, apparently stemming from the Play Store, show how Google Home works on the Pixel Watch, essentially acting like your Google Nest Hub but on your wrist. The images show a notification of someone being at your door, which is handy in case you're away from your phone.

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Additional images show how the app lets users control the temperature and adjust the lighting in different rooms of your house.

Rahman's tweet also reveals a Google Photos watch face alongside emergency dialing through the Pixel Watch. It looks like users will be able to select images from their Google Photos account to showcase as a watch case. In terms of emergency dialing, the Pixel Watch will apparently come with the ability to contact emergency services via the Personal Safety app.

We're only three days away from the MadeByGoogle event on October 6, where we'll learn all about the Pixel Watch in full. Leaks aside, we're very excited to learn more about the device.

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